Residential Culvert Cleaning


A culvert is a device used for directing water. They are used to allow water to pass underneath driveways, roads, walkways, embankments and can vary in size. Culverts are important in protecting road beds, ditches, banks, pathways, embankments by diverting excess water away from them. Culverts help alleviate flooding, reduce erosion and helps distribute run off water to larger filtering areas. Due to their environment, they do regular maintenance to ensure they are not blocked and working efficiently.

Culvert Cleaning

Have a clogged or damaged culvert? We can clean, unblock and servicing culverts of numerous sizes. Our crews have the technical knowledge and ability to tackle the most complicated issues in complex drainage systems, using high pressure water jets and high-powered vacuums.

We find the best solution by:

  • Inspection using CCTV or Man Entry
  • Cleaning units purpose built for this type of inspection
  • Dedicated team of experts & equipment to tackle this type of inspection and cleaning

J&J Underground Services Culverts!
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